Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and some hexie progress

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone gets to spend time with their special someone today. I found this and it reminded me of my guy Mike.
(Love you babe- you're the best!)

I have been busy organizing fabrics this week. My four inch square bin was overflowing, so I made a quilt top to donate- I'll have pictures of that later. I did finish one more half hexie star- not my favorite colors, but they do coordinate and I think it will blend in well to the finished quilt.

Only two more half stars! Still have some green grass here in Florida even though it was thirty degrees this morning!

Here are all the parts I have so far. I am hoping to have enough to make a large queen sized quilt. Can you see the yard stick on the right half?  I may have to make more white hexies to go around the edges.

Its pretty hard to get a good picture- I had to cheat and use the tall ladder. I didn't step on the "not a step" part, but I did have to really stretch that cell phone to get the whole thing in one shot. Cell phone cameras are a great way to grab a quick shot so that you can remember where everything goes.

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Celtic Solstice Top Complete!

This year Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt Celtic Solstice was quite a challenge.  

Mine has many unmatched seams, pleats and puckers. 

But at a distance, it reminds me of a beautiful stained glass piece.

I am linking up with other mystery quilters at the Celtic Solstice Finale here.
Can't wait to see how everyone's different colors and border configurations turned out!