Saturday, November 10, 2012

Star Baby Quilt

This is a string quilt (55"x55") made for a friend's baby due in January. (I'm ahead of schedule!) It's a suprise, but I'm pretty sure she won't see this. Her colors are brown and blue and I just copied some patterns that I found when I did an internet search for string quilts. I used phone book pages for the foundation that measured 6 1/2". It's hand-tied #1 because I am not a good machine quilter, and #2 because I wasn't as careful as I should have been ironing and the top was a little lumpy. Mostly the fabric I used is from scraps- leftovers from other quilts and thrift store shirts.There's even some Washington Redskins fabric if you look close!

I am interested to see if anyone else does mostly hand-tied quilts and if there is a secret to making the knots good and sturdy. I took two stitches and made double knots, but am nervous about it falling apart!


  1. super cute quilt. I'm sure your friend will love it. I used to hand tie and to my knowledge they always remained intact - at least the ones I owned did..... I watched a gal at a retreat lay out a quilt and prep for hand tying. She had marked dots at 4" intervals, she threaded her needle using crochet cotton and kept the thread attached to the 'ball', at each dot, she took a stitch (down then up about quarter inch apart). After she stitched across the width of the quilt, she when back and cut all the thread between the dots, then tied where she took her stitch. I couldn't believe how quickly she got that quilt tied. Okay, sorry for rambling, but I'm sure your quilt will stayed tied - and if you're still a bit worried, why not put just a small dot of "Fray Check" on the knot - just a thought.

  2. Love this quilt. I'm sure it will be cherished. I have also seen the method described above but not used it. I used embroidery thread and I used "Fray Check" on the knots. I am redoing a quilt that I made my son 26 years ago. Many (but not all) of the embroidery ties are still in place. I'm just replacing some worn fabric. Also, a friend recently sent me a picture of a baby quilt I made her daughter at about the same time. I had used yarn on that one and still, although fuzzy, the knots held up. I used Fray Check on that one also. I've recently been thinking about making and tying some quilts. I love the homeyness of them.

  3. Here's a link to a tutorial I've used to tie a few quilts from the Heartstrings site.

    Cute quilt!


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