Saturday, December 8, 2012

I have a secret...fabric organization

If you were to happen upon my guest room it looks pretty good most days...

 But if you open a drawer...

I am addicted to thrift store cotton shirts. There, I said it.
My other regular fabric collection is pretty organized already and can be contained in my quilt room.

So, my goal this season while I have some time off is to organize this disaster. The fabric in these drawers consists of mostly shirt fronts. I keep the backs with my fat quarters and cut up the sleeves and smaller parts and store them in strip bins. But the fronts are too big to cut up and too small to go with the fat quarters- you see my dilemma? So I figured I would try to fold them like I do fat quarters.

Shirt fronts.

Here, I just flip it over, use a 4" ruler and fold it up.

 If there's a little extra flap at the top, I fold it down,
 and slide the ruler out the end.

 Then you just fold it into a neat little square and tuck under the raw, uneven ends.
I thought this navy Nautica was neat!

Now my fabric drawer looks like this...

I still have to organize it by color, but first I'll get to work on these...

I love to see fabric and craft room organization if anyone wants to share!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I WISH I had that much fabric!!! Holy cow!

    1. I was just sitting there folding fabric, watching "Horders", feeling a little guilty. But as long as it can be hidden...right?

  2. Great organization of the shirts! :) Mine are currently still in shirt form and stored in a picnic basket! :)

  3. This afternoon was spent "de-boning" shirts! Right now they're stacked on my cutting table, ready to be put away. Note: If the inside of the dresser drawers holding your shirt pieces are unfinished wood, you need to line them so that the shirts don't come into direct contact with the wood. The acid in wood can damage fabrics.

    1. You know I was kinda wondering about that... thanks for reminding me, I'll pick up some drawer liners. I finally finished and I have 3 drawers packed full of folded squares!

  4. I think I'm hitting the thrift store tomorrow looking for shirts! Love how they are all organized so nice and neat and you have such a terrific selection!

    1. I love it when they have "bag day"- all you can fit into a brown paper grocery bag for $5. I get into trouble those days...


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