Sunday, January 27, 2013

Heart Baby Quilt with Flannel Back

I found this lovely, easy pattern at Blue Elephant Stitches.  Check out this site- she makes lots of beautiful quilts and takes the nicest pictures! 

I used 3 inch squares from my scrap bin- some of the neutral squares are brighter squares turned over.  Sometimes if you have a medium fabric that isn't dark enough to be considered a dark, you can flip it over and have a light. I have heard of people doing this and now I know it works!

Now, I am a pretty good "piecer" but not a good "quilter."  I can't hand quilt, and my machine quilting stitches are so bunched up and ugly, so I used a floral flannel for the back and no batting.  It goes against everything that I know, but I stretched it on the floor, pinned front to back and "quilted" it on my machine with just the regular quarter inch foot- no walking foot. I did a criss-cross pattern and it turned out sooo good- like a professional-good.

The baby who received this lives in Florida, so it doesn't have to be warm.  I see more no-batting quilts in my future!


  1. A beautiful result of using up your scraps!

    1. Thanks! Love your Hexagon Ally blog and will add it to my favorites!

  2. Very nice! I will have to do this one. I love using my scraps.

  3. Looks good! I bet the flannel helped keep things from shifting around while you were quilting it.


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