Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy Street Finish (almost)

I have finished the top of Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery.  The weather here is dreary today, so these are the best picts I could get.  This was such a great mystery- I had no idea until the final post where she was going with it.  This is a another quilt I probably wouldn't have attempted had I seen it from the beginning- it looks very intimidating.  Also, I really hate large, on-point quilts.  When you're sewing the rows together, they are soooo long.  But, in the end it was totally worth it. 

I feel strongly that this will actually make it to the long arm quilter (I have so many tops that just hang in the closet!) The store bought quilt on my guest bed has seen better days and the colors are similar, so this will replace it.  This will be my first quilt that actually makes it onto a bed in my own house!

Here's the border- love that plum!
I have already started on a pieced backing from left overs and yardage that I don't love anymore. I think it will look really fantastic or tacky- it can go either way. As long as I can use up some fabric, it doesn't matter- its on the back. When its finished, I'll take some full length picts with the back.
Thanks again, Bonnie for all of your hard work and generosity!  I can't wait to see everyone's finished quilts, especially the red, lime and aqua one.


  1. what a great quilt to keep, just beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I love yours too with the reds- it looks like an entirely different quilt.

  2. It's been fun looking at everyone's quilts and the different colors people are using. Gun to get them done and how great that this one will be used.

  3. Your Easy Street quilt is beautiful. I'm glad you'll be using it. It was lots of fun working on this quilt with people all over the world.


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