Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celtic Solstice mystery part 3

I spent the weekend working on Quiltville's Celtic Solstice mystery quilt part 3.

200 half square triangles! I have used the Easy Angle rulers lot of times before, but now that I have watched the video tutorial, I am finally using them the right way. Thanks Bonnie!
You don't have to do all that squaring up when you cut in the right place.

I still need to make 24 more pinwheels.

Love these sunny colors -my favorite is the key fabric from the bargain bin! They will stand out nicely against the blues and greens.

Click here to see everyone else's progress- more than 200 quilters across the world sharing pictures of the same mystery!


  1. What a lovely machine and cabinet you are using!

    1. Thank you! The machine was my Grandma's and she got it new in 1959. It does quite a bit for a non-computerized machine. The cabinet is my Mom's and I think its from the early 70's.

  2. Very pretty blocks! And also a very pretty machine to sew them on!


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