Friday, January 31, 2014

Hexie Progress (and a Sneak Peak)

I finished two hexie half-stars this week. 

Last weekend I pushed all of the furniture out of the way, and vacuumed and mopped, which is quite the chore.   
Then I layed out all of the circle and star pieces I have so far, which also involves a lot stooping and bending- who says quilting isn't exercise? 

After all of that, I discovered too many stars!  The bad news is that its hard to disassemble most of a star with the seam ripper to make a half star.  The good news is at least I know they are sewn together well and the quilt should last!

Currently I am working on the final three half-stars, then the fun begins. I have to figure out a way to sew the pieces into rows.  I was thinking of doing a tutorial for anyone who wants to try this pattern.

Some assembled pieces.
 I originally found this picture of a quilt top at the Nebraska History Museum and never having done any kind of hand-piecing or hexies, had to figure it out as I went.

Piles of parts!

Along the way I discovered some tricks and tips that others might find helpful. I am taking some pictures with that in mind, so look for it in the future.
I am linking to Hexie Friday here.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. It's just wonderful. I can't believe you figured it out without a pattern.

  2. That looks soooo beautiful! Good for you for figuring out the pattern on your own.

  3. Beautiful fabrics you've used. I look forward to seeing the entire thing laid out. It looks like a puzzle right now!

  4. These are gorgeous! You've done a fabulous job - you must be a natural. Not sure where you use those half stars - hope you post again on Hexie Weekend. Loved this eye candy!


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